This week we are very excited at Zebrafish to be attending the Turing fest in person. The tech event which brings together some great talent from the tech world to one location is held in Edinburgh, just 10 minutes from our HQ.

“The Turing Fest Conference is 3 days of keynotes, interviews, networking and parties, with 40+ speakers from the world’s most interesting and exciting tech businesses. And we’re back in-person!”

There will be some interesting companies there, including Fan Duel, Free Agent and Current Health. And is a great way to learn from some of the best in the tech sector.

We haven’t been invited to talk this year, however, you never know, there is always next year!

The Turing event is always a great opportunity for networking with a number of engineers, scientists and leading tech businesses who will be there.

We are always looking to invest in training and learning as it’s important our clients know they have a team of experts they can trust. This means we will be taking plenty of notes and pictures so stay tuned and look out for them.

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