SEO is a very important element of the sales and lead generation strategy for a business. Ranking at the top of search results has many benefits. 

We provide local SEO services to the Edinburgh, Glasgow and Borders areas. Helping businesses increase targeted traffic by improving website ranking performance. 

Local SEO services are important for business as it helps establish brand authority while supporting the development of the website for customer engagement, usability and performance. A well planned SEO campaign goes beyond just keyword development. 

We have a track record going back over 6 years of generating SEO results for our clients, in Edinburgh alone we have successfully ranked many businesses on the first page of search results for competitive keywords. 

When creating a local SEO campaign it’s important to do your research up-front. Understand your competitors, and have a clear list of targetted keywords. This will mean content creation will go beyond sharing news and will make an impact to your search rankings. 

Edinburgh Link Building

Creating quality links is an important part of all SEO campaigns. To create local backlinks there are several options, however understanding which links will add the most value to your business is important. 

To see examples of our work over the past 6 years click here.

Web Design Edinburgh

If you have a new website design project, and based in Scotland – it’s important to invest in an SEO strategy to ensure you get the most from your website. 

We at Zebrafish offer web design services to Edinburgh, and Scotland based businesses with the addition option of a 6 months SEO campaign to ensure you get off to a flying start. 

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